Company History....

The company was founded in 1969 as Zach’s Wholesale, a distributor of miscellaneous products for local grocery stores and restaurants.  As customers requested items that were not easily available to them, Zach’s began developing retail spice blends such as Zach’s Original Brisket Rub and Zach’s Chili Mix in 1974.  Sausage seasonings were the next items developed for grocery meat markets and small meat shops and meat processors.  During this period, the company was renamed Zach’s Spice Company.
In the 1980’s, Zach’s Spice Company began custom blending special seasonings for customers in the meat and restaurant industries.  The growth in business required an upgrade in the manufacturing facilities that led to the move in October of 1987 to the current location in Deer Park, Texas.
Zach’s Spice Company continues to offer its original retail products and sausage seasonings as well as introducing new items over the years.  Custom blending and portion packaging is the largest segment of sales.  Private labeling and product development continues to bring new customers to Zach’s.  That growth in business led to the addition of manufacturing and warehouse space, and the addition of packaging equipment in November, 2011.